Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Random Thoughts

I am a little fuzzy on why the Democrats insist on exercising so much control over the judicial nomination process even though they are clearly in the minority. Another distrubing trend in the Senate is the leadership of Bill Frist. It is obvious he is a very weak leader. I think it would serve everyone better if we had a strong leader in the Senate. Someone, who, in the event Rhode Island were invaded by some sort of trade organization could cut through buearacracy and get things done in the Senate. We also need a clone army, but one thing at a time.

Michael Jackson was found not guilty on Monday because wasting millions of dollars, showing yourself to be a public embarassment, and being creepy, weird, and stupid all at the same time are not criminal acts. Maybe they should be, but they are not.

Speaking of the Jackson case, I have watched enough "Law and Order" episodes over the past 15 years to feed a fairly healthy delusion that I know how the criminal justice system works so I have to ask: What was the DA thinking by even trying this case with a mother like this? This woman was so obviously a scam artist at best and at worst some piece of trash attempting to orchestrate a huge payout for herself and her kids. The jury made it clear that they did not like her and whether Jackson did it or not, she torpedoed the case. At this point I think the debate is open to who is crazier: Tom Sneddon, the mother, or Michael Jackson. Of course Jack McCoy would have gotten a conviction assuming Detective Stabler did not kill Jackson first.

Apparently the PGA almost had to cancel the U.S. Open this week at Pinehurst #2 because Pinehurst #1 attempted to kill several golfers in a fit of jealously. #1 is now in jail awaiting arraignment.

And finally, I received my first unassisted phone call from my 2 year old daughter yesterday. She apparently picked up the phone my wife had left on the floor in her room and randomly hit redial thus ringing my cell phone. Of course like all new adventures I now need to pay closer attention to the phone bill to find out who else she might be calling when we are out of the room.

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