Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Donald Fehr Does Not Get It

Baseball big wigs were paraded before Congress today in a new round of steroids grilling. Bud Selif who, if anything, is slow came to the table with a new and improved testing plan with jacked up penalties of 50 and 100 games on the first two offenses and the Pete Rose bandwagon for violation number three. Now this is a policy with some teeth, this is one you can get behind and say that a player who tests positive will lose 1/3 of a season right from the start. However, Donald Fehr, the head of the union, offered a lesser penalty of 20 and 50 games followed by the commissioners decision on whether to ban or not. Senator John McCain took umbrage with Fehr who stumbled for an answer amid heated questioning and McCain's assertion that Fehr "did not get it" McCain is right. If a player is cheating, why protect him? Why would you want any player in your association to be a part of the game when they have clearly attempted to impunge its integrity? Why is Fehr so afraid of being harsh on cheaters in the game? Enquiring baseball fans want to know.

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