Thursday, September 08, 2005

Media Hogs

Have you ever noticed that there are people in the world who have nothing better to do than say or do things to draw media attention. They pop up during controversial moments to interject their own opinion or do something just to draw attention to themselves. There are others, who for lack of better sense, say things just to see it splashed on the Drudge Report or The New York Times front page. Some people just show up to be seen on camera. And still others use their media roles to make themselves larger than life. Here is a list of today's biggest media hogs:

1. Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton

How much can we really say here that has not already been said? If an African-American is denied a Pepsi because they did not have enough money to pay for it, these two show up and scream racism. I was wondering how long it would take them to show up in NOLA and the answer was not long. Of course they did not disappoint charging that the Feds were slow to respond because the people were poor(translation: the white racist government withheld aid from black people). Yes inequalities still exist in America, but how much of the racial divide is caused by the divisive statements these two make ona regular basis?

2. Bill Clinton
Former President Bill Clinton loves the camera and loves to be in the news. He makes the list not so much because he does it in bad way, but rather because he does it. The best example was when he somehow managed to be on the stage at Billy Graham's last crusade in New York. Is there anyone less qualified to be on the stage with the greatest evangelist of the 20th century than a guy who had oral sex in the Oval Office with a girl half his age? Then I remember that is exactly the kind of person who would be on the stage with Billy Graham because that was why he was there, to bring the Gospel to sinners.

3. Terrell Owens
The Philladelphia Eagles WR made news this summer for holding out on his contract with the team because he felt he deserved more money. Instead of pleading his case with any kind of PR savvy he basically made a complete fool of himself every time he opened his mouth with 10 yards of the media. Couple that with the circus like way he presented himself in the lead up to last year's Super Bowl where he claimed God had healed him from a broken leg after only six weeks to play in the game, you have a first rate media hog.

4. Cindy Sheehan
Yes she lost her son in Iraq and yes she is entitiled to protest but she is also a media hog. To some extent she is media hog because the media has made her one. However, she does have a penchant for making statements and engaging in activities which are designed to attract the media. When you also consider her prominence in earlier anti-war protests, particularly a speech she made in San Francisco, the grieving mother bit gets a little old. However, how much does Arianna Huffington and Michael Moore get blamed for turning her into what she is today?

5. Donald Rumsfeld, Secratary of Defense
Apparently when Cabinet Orientation was held and they instructed Cabinet secrataries on how to handle a press conference, Rumsfeld must have gone to the men's room. He is a consummate media hog. Everyone says he is a "straight talker, tell it like it is guy" which is codespeak for someone who treads the media waters with very little tact or regard for how poorly something he might say will be construed. He bullies reporters and is constantly shooting for zingers which can be replayed on CNN and Fox News. His trips to be with the troops in Iraq are media stunts and should be prohibited.

6. Senator John McCain(R-Az)
A lot like Rumsfeld, McCain is a self proclaimed "straight talker" who seems to have an opinion on everything, even if he is not on the committe that governs that issue. This is also a case where the media have turned him into a media hog because of his appearance of moderation and his charisma, they seek his opinion on everything. I also think he enjoys the attention and for a man who will probably be the 2008 Republican nominee for President, he gets a lot of free political advertising.

7. Geraldo Rivera, Fox News
Do I really need to explain this one? Not so much, except to point out his most recent hoggish behavior came during the Katrina disaster where he was seen accompanying National Guardsman to rescue people and making it appear that he was helping with the rescue. This might have been plausible if he could put down that #$%^& microphone he has been carrying for the past 20 years. I am shocked he was even allowed anywhere near the military following his little reconnasaince report during the Iraq War.

8. Oprah Winfrey
Maybe she is not a media hog as much as I think she is, but I seriously dislike her and her little show which began in earnest after she was put on the front cover of Runner's World. I was a star cross country runner at the time and found it insulting that she was being regarded as some kind of devout runner. I find her show to be a horrible medium on which advice and questionable information is passed off as gospel truth to people who will believe anything she says because she is Oprah. I know she does plenty of charitable work but it comes off at times to be self serving. She recently did two shows where she went to NOLA bringing a bunch of dreadful celebrities in tow and proclaimed after seeing to the Superdome, "This should not have happened" Thanks for clearing that up Oprah, and by the way, the National Guard has better things to do right now than show you around NOLA, so why don't you get out, write a sizable check to the people who are really doing the work, and stay out of the way.

9. Greta Van Sustren
I wonder whether or not Greta sends O.J. Simpson any residules for making her career back during his trial? I have yet to see what anyone at CNN or Fox News ever saw with this woman. Her media hoggery can be defined by the fact she has no talent, an annoying voice and cadence, yet she still draw an audience much in the same manner a fender bender on the interstate does. Her recent plastic surgery began pushing her down the Michael Jackson road to fake faces. Her Aruba coverage was horrible, but then again to think the media has spent three months talking about one 18 year old girl gone missing because she was stupid enough to leave a bar with three strangers reeks of media hoggery. The clincher for me was her coverage at the Astrodome last week where she kept saying how nice it was to be there. It was very strange.

10. Rush Limbaugh
Perhaps the ultimate media hog, and that's the way he likes it. I personally find Rush to be extremely entertaining. I agree with him more times than not, but I also think he has been drinking the Kool Aid and I find his failure to criticize the President disingenious. He makes it a point to say things that are controversial, that get under the skin of the Left, and that are shocking on face value. Part of his effectiveness is his on air confidence and bravado which mesmerizes people. The other part is the fact that if he can get Al Franken to spend 1 hour talking about him and trying to debunk something he said, then that is one hour less Franken spent on conveying the party message. His controversial statement about Donovan McNabb last year was totally by design to see how much he could get away with and to raise his profile another notch. The best thing the Left could do to defuse Limbaugh is ignore him, trying to debunk him or plastering his statements on the AAR website does nothing but give him free advertising. This why Rush never mentions AAR or any other competitor from the Left because if he does he know it give it credence and show that they actually bother him. A media hog has a way of sucking the air out of the room and Rush is an expert.

Honorable Mention
Roy Nagin, Mayor of NOLA-Media made him a hog with every interview, but it also seemed like every time he hit the air he wanted to give some 5 figure body count for the media to run with.
Dr. Phil McGraw-A victim of the Oprah strain of media hoggism since she made his career on her show.
Curt Schilling, Pitcher, Boston-Offers a variety of opinions on issues which he has no clue what he is talking about.
Pat Robertson, 700 Club-Media hoggery by stupidity. Robertson makes idiotic statements which destroy his credibility and the credibility of Christians in the U.S.
Bill O'Reilly-Runs the same game as Rush, Rummy, and McCain. He has the "no spin" zone which he says get the bottom of an issue. I still can't figure out how he went from hosting some Hollywood tabloid show to being a talk anchor in primetime.
Natalie Hollway's mother-The mother of the aforementioned 18 year old girl gone missing in Aruba has been on TV non-stop from Aruba in hopes of finding her daughter. Implied that the Arubans bungled the investigation because they are stupid foreigners.

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