Monday, October 31, 2005


Okay, maybe I was right about the whole Harriet Miers-was-supposed-to-fail conspiracy. President Bush nominated Samuel Alito, an appelate judge from the Third Federal Circuit, to be an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Based on early indications he is absolutely the opposite of Harriet Miers. Alito has 15 years of experience on the bench, an overwhelming body of work(more than newly minted Chief Justice, John Roberts) Yes, he is a conservative and that cannot be denied, however, my early observation is that he is a thinker and appears to work the merits of a case. He went to Princeton and Yale, which gives him the elitist intellect creditials. Of course the liberals are furious with this choice because he has some anti-abortion leanings as well as other issues that are near and dear to the bleeding heart. Yet I think based on the initial evidence, he does not strike me as an idealogue nor does he seem like one who would decide a case along a conservative line just for the sake of it. I think he is more Roberts than Scalia to contrary of what others are saying. The only question I want answered is whether or not he will openly look at the case, apply the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended, and do his best not to be a US Senator. Some other thoughts on the nomination:

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