Monday, November 21, 2005

Giving All They Have

The Catalogue for Philanthropy released a study today which ranked the 50 states according to the charitable giving levels of their respective citizens. The CFP created the rankings based on the percentage of giving in comparison to the adjusted gross income of the state. In other words what precedent of actual income is donated to charity. The winner: Mississippi followed by Arkansas largely considered to be the poorest and also most maligned states in the union for level of intelligence. At the bottom of the list? Try New Hampshire and Massachusetts, considered to be the center of American academia and civilization as we know it. Without getting into the gory details it should be noted than in actual dollars MA gave three times more money than MS which would be a laudable but MA enjoys over 4 times the amount of income as does MS. Also of note is that most of the top giving states have a very visible Evangelical church presence and also it should be noted that the first so called "blue state", the designation for a state which went for the Democrats in the 2004 election does not come until #29, New York. I find that compelling since conservative are often accused of not caring for the poor and weak because they refuse to spend Federal money on such things. This data could point to the idea that conservatives are simple more content with vesting their money into charities in order to help the poor rather than the Federal government.

Christ was right when he noted that the poor widow who have two pennies gave more because she gave all she had.

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