Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Watch Out for Those Evil, Bigoted Christians!

Not that I am greatly suprised by it when it happens, but during last night's episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit I was treated to further derision of Christian beliefs, this time concerning homosexuality.

The basic plot centered around an assault committed on a 12 year old boy who was stabbed in the back with a pair of scissors by an 8 year old girl at a NY Catholic school. It would seem the boy was bullying the girl because she had "two mommies" i.e. a lesbian couple raising her. The boy even went as far as to cut the girls hair at which point she took the scissors and proceeded to make him a parapalegic by ramming the blades into his spinal cord. Now, I enjoy watching "SVU", I think it is compelling and is fairly provactive in the areas it explores. However, there are times when the liberal/left slant comes shining through which is mostly tolerable except when they go out of their way to make anyone who believes otherwise to be bigoted and unresonable. In this case those believing homesexaulity is a sin or at least unnatural were instantly demonized. Some scenes which stuck with me:

Detectives Olivia Benson(Mariska Hagarty) and Elliot Stabler(Christopher Meloni) were discussing the assault with the victim's parents and when the issue of the little girl living with lesbian mothers came up, Benson condescended the couple for expressing outrage over the situation. The implication was that they were bigots for thinking that homosexuality was wrong and she made her contempt for their "narrow-minded" world vision palatable.

Detective Stabler interviewed the victim and when the sexual orientation of the little girl's mother and partner arose, the boy stated that the Bible said it was a sin, to which Stabler said:
"I don't remember reading that in the Bible"
Stabler, who is cast as a nominal Catholic, should perhaps review his catechism or at the very least read Romans 1 which makes it abundantly clear how God views homosexuality.

One scene in the squad room had Benson referring to the people at the Catholic school as "homophobes"

The most infurtiating aspect of the whole episode was the fact they chose a Catholic school to play this plot out. It would seem they went out of their way to illustrate just how evil and bigoted those Catholics(and by implication Christians in general) are in their view of homosexuality. The victim was eventually cast as homophobic, narrow-minded monster who got what he deserved for bullying the little girl. The underlying assumption with that particular characterization is that Christians and Catholics are so homophobic they would resort to terrorizing little girls. I think there is more evidence that people who are decidedly not churchgoers commit far more heinous acts than do believers. This plot could have just as easily been played out in a public school without the Catholic or Biblical angles on homsexuality. Unfortunately, that would not have forwarded whatever agenda the good folks over at NBC had in mind.

Of course I am aware that there is always a measure of truth in things like this. Yes, I think Christians tend to treat homosexuality different than other sinful acts. Yes, there are instances were the reaction of certain Christians is over the top and needs to be dialed back. I do not condone or believe homosexuals should be treated different than anyone else and we should apply the same standard to them as we do to other persons living in a state of perpetual sin. Sin is sin no matter it is and whether you are gay or a womanizer there are issues with you being within the fellowship of believers while engaging in continual sinful behavior. Forgiveness and sanctification is one thing, but people who openly defy the Word of God, say it is not wrong to have an affair, get drunk, or engage in homosexual acts are not living in holiness as commanded by God.

On a final note, an underlying current of last night's episode, fuels my greatest fear that there will come a day with the government will dictate to the church what they can believe based on anti-discrimination laws. Sooner or later, someone will sue a church for discrimination or ask that the non-profit tax exempt status be stripped because they refuse to hire a homosexual. If anyone thinks that is not coming, they are not paying attention.

That episode just infuriated me! Coming on the heels of the heavy-handed, shrill Law and Order: Criminal Intent episode regarding "torture," it's getting to be a little too much. And don't get me started on CSI!
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