Wednesday, January 04, 2006

BCS Championship

Just finished watching the Rose Bowl...

Texas 41
USC 38

Best. College. Football. Game. Ever.(Well at least of the games I have actually watched)

The Sore Loser Quote of the Game goes to USC QB Matt Leinert who is in his postgame interview said the following:

"I still think we're a better team, they just made the plays in the end"

Uh, no Matt, when the #1 and #2 teams play each other as undefeateds in an end of season championship game, the winner is widely considered to be the better team. Especially since the Texas kicker missed two easy field goals and an extra point which could have essentially put the game out of reach for your guys. Maybe we should cut Leinert a little slack since he was accosted by reporters less than five minutes after seeing his team's 34 game win streak and national title hopes dashed but to suggest, after losing a game pitting the two best teams in the nation, that your team is still the better team shows a severe lack of class in my opinion.

On a side note, this is a common line for losing players and fans: We are a better team, but X, Y, and Z. However there are situations where it rings hollow. It might be true when you are talking about a much lower ranked team beating a higher ranked team. If an undefeated team loses to a team with two losses to teams the undefeated school may have beaten, this line of thinking is true to some extent. When you are talking about #1 vs #2 and both are undefeated the statement becomes a contradiction. To say you are better, but they made the plays is illogical because if you were truly better, your team would have made the plays or you would have been able to stop them from making the plays. Perhaps it is much ado about nothing, but it bugs me when someone cannot step up and give proper credit.

Also, forget USC RB Reggie Bush and forget Matt Leinert. I will take Texas QB Vince Young any day of the week. While Bush and Leinert may have had the media hype and the Heisman trophies, Young was clutch, unstoppable, and he did it with style.

And one final note, yes Vince Young's knee was down and they should have taken the TD off the board in the second quarter. And we also know that Reggie Bush gave Matt Leinert an illegal push into the end zone against Notre Dame to win that game back in October. The lesson here? What does around comes around.

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