Saturday, January 28, 2006

Clinton Loves a Good Filibuster

Senator Hillary Clinton(D-NY) has announced her support for a filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. Clinton seems to believe that Alito does not "advance the principles of Americans" blah-blah-blah.

This is a fairly transperent move on Clinton's part, so much so that even the NY Post article indicates it is an appeal to her liberal base. John Kerry has already been here and this ploy by Clinton is intended to keep herself from being outflanked on the left by other potential opponents in the 2008 Democratic primary. In short, Clinton needs to reassure the folks over as Kos and Air America that she has not gone off to live in Centristville. She needs to pick an issue here or there to show her liberal bona fides and since this issue is pretty much decided, she can appease that particular bloc in her own party by jumping on board with a radical albeit futile opposition to Alito.

And here I was think we were only in 2006.

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