Thursday, January 19, 2006

He's Baaaaaaacccckkkkk!!!!

Osama Bin Laden surfaced from some barren cave on the Pakistan border with his Sony tape recorder and offers us an oral taunting today(sorry no pictures lest the CIA or FBI pick up on some clue, thanks to the media for telling the world about that tactic too!) Anyway, Osama offered a truce in respect to Iraq and Afghanistan since the evil Bush is fighting an unpopular war in an effort to fill the coffers of war profiteers in America. Wait a minute, I think I read that on Al Franken's blog, must be a coincindence. He also said that if Bush continues his "lies and oppression" then we should apologize to innocent victims of the war and the promise to never interfere in the world again. Seems like I read that on a liberal blog somewhere too. These are not good idealogical bedfellows the Left currently finds themselves on the same page with now is it? Osama even went as far as to cite polls in America and tauted the struggles Bush has had in maintaining high levels of support for the war effort which I think tends to lend some credence to the idea that some of the criticism from the Left does indeed serve the enemy and more care should be taken to couch those criticisms properly. The terror leader also indicated that the reasons there have not been any attacks on the U.S. mainland is because they were simply preparing and not due to any particular actions the Federal government has taken to prevent those attacks.

What does it all mean:

1. I think the fact he came out and provided some sort of explanation about the lack of direct attacks on America speaks volumes. I happen to believe that the current defense posture has everything to do with the lack of attacks and Osama, in his need to rationalize it in his favor is either completely delusional or answering criticisms from among his own camp. Anytime a person attempts to rationalize something like this it is pretty clear the opposite of what they say is true. The U.S. has done an excellent job of keeping the homeland safe and the war in Iraq has also centered terrorism elsewhere.

2. The fact that Osama says things which are strikingly similar to the rhetoric of Cindy Sheehan and the like is chilling. Of course I will not go as far as to call Liberals traitors and anti-American for their views(though some of them do not hesitate to do the same in reverse) I think Osama is picking up on the flow of Bush hatred and using that in his own speeches to form some kind of idealogical commonality. Some of the common themes found in most of the speeches given by people like Cindy Sheehan, Harry Belfonte, and any contributor at the Daily Kos are:

A. Bush lied
B. Bush is oppressing people
C. The war is being fought to enrich American corporations
D. Bush is fighting an unpopular war from which we should withdraw immediately

The similarities are unmistakable and it illustrates the necessity of carefully crafting criticisms of the war as not to provide people like Osama with ammunition to use against us is messages like this. Dissent is fine, but the virulent rhetoric of the Left is now being displayed by the #1 enemy of the State. It is clear that rhetoric needs to change to a more productive tone which address the real issues not spew more hatred at Bush

3. Osama is still alive, though I think the choice of audio denotes two things: The first is he wants to provide as few clues as possible about his location and video tends to provide such clues. Secondly his health may not be good and any video would show that he may not be up to par which could give the impression he may die soon.

4. The truce offer was intended to have multiple effects. One is that it moderates his position in the Arab world. He points to both Iraq and Afgahnistan as placed to be rebuilt which seemingly show his concern that these two countries rise to their feet again acting as though he cares for those countries. He also knows the U.S. will reject any offer that does not include his head on a platter so he can only gain from a PR standpoint by offering it. Of course I also think that a person who, on one hand boasts, about certain victory and unstoppable attacks, then offers a truce must be in a poor tactical position. If his side will win no matter what, then why offer any truce, why not step up and carry out said attacks or step up the insurgency to hasten the U.S. defeat? The simple answer is that things are not going as well as he thinks or projects. This is all part of a game of deception intended to further shake the Arab world and make them less trustful of the U.S.

If nothing else, Osama continues to show himself to be a masterful player in this game. However I also think that is about as much as he is capable of doing at this point. While he bloviates about being able to easily overcome our defenses and how preparations are ongoing, real facts show that we are regularly killing their top leaders and plan after plan is foiled or at least the ones they publicly release to us, there may be others we are not told about for obvious reasons. I think the best thing we can take from hearing Osama again is to remember 9/11 and stay focused on the task at hand and continue to battle those who hates to create a more secure America.

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