Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Letter to Harry Belafonte

Dear Mr. Belafonte,

While I can only speak for myself, I must tell you I am constantly disturbed by many of your recent public statements. A few years ago I dismissed your overtly racist remarks in calling Condelezza Rice and Colin Powell "house slaves" as the rantings of a bitter liberal despite the absolute hatred you appear to be showing members of your own race, hatred that even many whites do not cast in their direction. And a few weeks ago I brushed off the ludicrous statement that President Bush was the world's greatest terrorist while standing next to a man, Hugo Chavez, who is nothing more than a two-bit thug dictator. However your last statement made in my own backyard at Duke University requires a thoughtful response. Your speech was full of the same old liberal rhetoric we have heard about a "dishonorable war." Yes the line which caught my eye was when you said:

It is an act that has driven fear and terror into the hearts of the American people. What is the essential difference in quality of our humanity for those who would do the cruel and tragic deed of flying an airplane into a building and killing 3,000 innocent Americans and those who would lie and lead the nation into a war that has killed hundreds of thousands? [Duke News]

Now I do not presume to speak for others and I would ask that you not speak for me either. I do not know of nor do I feel the "fear and terror" you reference in your speech. I am comfortable that Bush has taken the actions needed to safeguard America and as far as I am concerned my civil liberties are exactly the same place they were on January 19, 2001. I also do not draw the incredibely short sighted moral equivalency that you do in regards to Osama Bin Laden versus George Bush. While it is evident the reasons for war are not as clear as we origianally thought, I do not recall you making such outlandish statements about a "dishonorable war" when Bill Clinton went into Kosovo. Nor did I hear you complain when the Democrats engaged in the same sabre rattling over Iraq Bush has done. The terrorists on 9/11 acted out of delusional religious beliefs which compelled them to kill anyone who does not fall in line with their worldview. I have yet to see Bush engage in a war of that nature, contrary to what the bloggers on fringe liberal websites might think. Yes, the war in Iraq has been mismanaged and but where is your righteous indignation for insurgents who would blow up women and children from their own country. Cindy Sheehan has called them "freedom fighters" much in the same way George Washington was, but the history I read does not include Washington setting of bombs in civilian areas. Have civilians died in Iraq by our hand? Yes, but not intentionally and not as targets of a war against their way of life and their freedom. No, the real fear and terror I feel is that people like you who use racism as a weapon to further a political agenda and who appease thugs dictators like Hugo Chavez, will one day attain real power and drive this country in the wrong direction. I fear that people whose moral compass is so fogged and the boundaries between right and wrong are so skewed will one day ascend to a position where their radical ideas can do real harm. Yes, Bush has made many mistakes, but I pray he will never make the mistake of listening to people like you whose agenda only serves to weaken America with moral bankruptcy, relative truth, and the oppression of those who believe differently than yourself.


A Concerned American

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