Thursday, January 26, 2006

Out from Under the Weather

Two days of sickness kept me from my computer and seeing much news, here is a rundown on what I picked up thus far today:

Samuel Alito seems to be heading towards confirmation with a tinge of Democratic support. Robert Byrd(WV-D) and Tim Johnson(SD-D) are going to vote yes and Joe Lieberman(CT-D) is voting no which can be translated as follows:

"I need to get reelected in my home state and poll numbers there seem to show that my constituents approve/disapprove of Alito, so I better appease them if I want six more years"


I saw some of the Senate debate(if you can call it that, I call it monologues designed to either praise or bash the nominee) on C-SPAN2 during my incapacitation. Democrats keep talking about how Alito has ruled against the "little man"

I am wondering if this is the same "little man" which Democrat-leaning unions like the AFL-CIO are supposed to be protecting only to have their kickback enriched leaders call for a strike which deprives the actual workers of income while they use their exessive union dues to fund Democratic causes in election years and fill the pocket of crooked individuals.

I also wonder if it is the same "little man" that race baiting by people like Ray Nagin and pandering by Hilary Clinton has kept down as they pursue programs like affirmative action, a welfare state, and chocolate cities.

Just wondering.


I am also wondering what this "mainstream" Democrats keep going on about and how it is that a party which is in the minority in Congress and out of the White House gets to define the "mainstream." If being against abortion is "out of the mainstream" then I know many people who fit that characterization. Of course I also remember that perhaps the Left does control the definition of the "mainstream" since they do control most of what is produced on television.


Oprah Winfrey apparently decided that truth was, well, the truth and rightfully condemned author James Frey for his outrageously embelish--er--fictional account of his alleged travails with drugs, booze, and the criminal justice system. Frey has also admitted that the report on the website is "mostly true." Of course this does not come without an excuse according to Frey he used the lies as a "coping mechanism." Whatever dude.

On the other side of the issue, this kind of news that Oprah Winfrey was "duped" as she said has to come as a shocking, perhaps life altering missive to many of her followers. This is another preening example of how everything this woman spouts is taken as gospel truth by millions of people. This kind of revelation must be like a seisemic shockwave in their belief system. Especially if this spoof news article at The Onion contains any truth(and most good humor does)

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