Monday, January 16, 2006

The Shoe on the Other Foot

How many times has it happened where Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell has gone on national television and proclaimed that God is punishing someone by sending a hurricane or a stroke or presumes to speak for God on matters of His justice in this world? And how many times has the mainstream media, the liberals, and others derided them for those remarks and took the opportunity to impunge Christians everywhere as fundamentalists wackos?

The answer of course is it happens all the time which makes me wonder what the general reaction to a portion of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's speech given today:

As we think about rebuilding New Orleans, surely God is mad at America. He sent us hurricane after hurricane after hurricane, and it's destroyed and put stress on this country. Surely he’s not approval (sic) of us being in Iraq under false pretenses. But surely he is upset at black America also.

Now, first of all I think anyone who assumes that God is actively punishing mankind for presents sins apparently missed most of the New Testament. As a point of proper theology, when Christ died and rose again to establish the Church he essentially declared judgment to be on hold until the completion of the events of Revelation. In other words, the Church Age, is an age of grace. Sin may have consequences, but judgment is on hold in lieu of the redemption work of Christ. So anyone who goes around proclaiming God's punishment for voting out pro-creationist school boards or adopting homosexual marriage or going to war in Iraq is flat wrong according to basic Christian theology.

Secondly, I will be watching to see how far the Left and the media goes to castigate Ray Nagin for this statement considering how absolutely insane they get when someone dares to claim that God speaks to them and also claims that God is doing something within the realm of this world. However, since he criticized the Iraq war Nagin will get a great, big, fat, free pass on his remarks.

So to sum up. Proclaming God's punishment in current events is wrong theologically. Being a right wing relgious figure and proclaiming God's punishment is not only wrong theologically but gets you ridiculed by the press and the Left. Being a left wing non-religious, black mayor proclaiming God's punishment while criticizing Bush and the war is still wrong theologically but gets a free pass from the media elite. Double standards are a sight to behold.

Side Note: The whole message is really quite appalling. Nagin goes through a series of events which allegedly happened during the Katrina disaster and presumes to state how Martin Luther King, looking down from heaven, would feel about that which arrogant in and of itself. He complains about the people marching across the bridge out of New Orleans only to be met with attack dogs and soldiers firing maching guns. Since I was not there I cannot say one way or the other if that happened and the media was totally unreliable. However such descriptions no doubt recall the 1960's and many of the events that occured during the civil rights movement involving white soldier and black protesters. Nagin also refers to Black America and also desires New Orleans to be a "chocolate city" I am really unsure how that is not racism pure and simple. The last I checked we have one America with many different groups. Racism is not just a problem of whites discriminating against blacks it is also a problem of blacks isolating themselves in a separate culture and community which is exactly what Nagin proposes. If a white person had suggested created a vanilla city, the cries of racism would ring well into the night. A black mayor calls for a "chocolate city" and it is OK? Go figure. Nagin did make a good point about blacks needing to do better with forming whole families and taking control of their lives and community with self responsibility. However, that is very much lost in the cornicopia of race baiting, parroting of the liberal agenda, and presumptious spokemanship for the now deceased Martin Luther King, Jr.


Michelle Malkin

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