Friday, January 06, 2006

Who is the Bigger Nutjob?

Candidate #1: Pat Robertson

Pat endeared us with so many memorable quotes in 2005 and it is nice to see he is keeping up the pace in 2006. In wake of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke which left the 77 year old Israeli leader close to death Robertson took to the airwaves to proclaim that Sharon may be experiencing God's judgement since he gave land back to the Palestinians. Robertson cites a fragment from Joel as basis for this claim saying:

"The prophet Joel makes it very clear that God has enmity against those who, quote, 'divide my land.' God considers this land to be his. [Breitbart]

The verse Roberston refers to is Joel 3:2 which refers to a coming time when God will judge the nations for their treatment of Israel. It is perhaps a reference to the final judgement of man since it follows chapter 2 which details "the Day of the Lord" which is a phrase that denotes the final reckoning of God's justice on the earth. The problem with Robertson's interpretation is he is making the leap that this judgement is perpetually and individually meted out which is patently off base. Robertson also asserts that God has claimed the land is His and should not be tampered with by man. Actually, Scripture is clear the the whole earth belongs to God and everything in it since (1) He is Creator of all things and (2) is says so in Psalm 24:1. Using the now fulfilled covenant God made with ancient Israel as a backdrop to assert that the leader of the modern state of Israel is being punished for actions he took in a political conflict stretches even beyond were I am sure a lot of pro-Israel, dispensationalist theologians would go.

Candidate #2: Louisana Governor Kathleen Blanco

Governor Blanco is the absolutely inept chief executive of Lousiana who during the Hurricane Katrina disaster set new standards for inaction and lack of emotional fortitude. She has done pretty much nothing but scream at the Feds for their lack of response(some of which was deserved) even though her own office and people failed to do their jobs properly. The latest complaint to rise from Baton Rouge is that Louisana is not getting its fair shake when it comes to the $11.5 billion in Federal relief money. Blanco is asserting that Lousiana suffered 70% of the damage from Katrina, but so far has only received 53% of the money or $6.2 billion. Two issues here: (1) While I have not been there, the 70% she is claiming may be a little high. I have seen footage of Mississippi where the eye of the storm actually hit and they were completely wiped out. New Orleans for the most part took mostly flooding from the failed levees and while I am sure that incurs a huge cost as well as any other wind damage they may have had. The people in Mississippi had whole houses blown away. Maybe I am wrong, and I have not been there, but I am not so willing to take on face value the assertion that Louisana needs more money because...(2) Blanco just spent half a million dollars renovating her office and others in the State Capitol.
Just so we are clear, you just endured massive devastation from a hurricane so instead of using every available dollar of state taxpayer money to offer relief to the very citizens who paid it, you decide it is better to use the money to give yourself and your staff new offices.

You know what Governor Blanco, until you learn how to properly spend your own money, I do not want you to get another cent of mine.

Candidate #3: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

First he denied the Jewish Holacaust. Then he said that Europe should carve out a chunk of land and put the Jews there. Now he is saying he hopes Ariel Sharon dies from his stroke. What strikes me the most is the level of hatred these people fall, especially when it comes to Israel. Denying that a 6 million person near-geneocide which has been substantiated by history is already a clear sign that you are not operating in the same reality with the rest of the world. Now, he is publicly wishing for the leader of another country to drop dead. And this guy is on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons! You know, I think the liberals were right, we should never have gone to Iraq, we should have gone it Iran instead.

So, who is the bigger nutjob? Well, grossly misrepresenting God and the Bible does not make you crazy, it just makes you a heretic. And asking for a government handout despite your own failed fiscal management is sorry but not insane. No, the safest bet is always the fundamentalist, Islamic, facist leader of a Middle Eastern nation. Denying history and wishing death on someone are fairly advanced signs you might be certifiably insane.

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