Monday, January 09, 2006

You cannot make this stuff up...

On AP:

NEW YORK - Meet the latest children's author, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and his Portuguese Water Dog, Splash, his co-protagonist in "My Senator and Me: A Dogs-Eye View of Washington, D.C."

Ted Kennedy has a Portuguese WATER Dog and he named it SPLASH!?!?!?

This is almost as funny as when he was complaining about "water torture" being used by American troops during the Alberto Gonzales confirmation hearings. It is almost like he does this stuff on purpose just to flaunt in people's faces that he got away with depraved indifference homicide at Chappaquiddick.

One blogger I read had these absolutely hilarious titles for future Ted Kennedy children's books:

Possible Other Ted Kennedy Children Books:

-- Clifford the Big Red Hot Dog Tastes Great with Mustard and Scotch.

-- Incurious George and the Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction

-- Booze Clues

-- If You're Old Enough To Read This, My NARAL Friends Didn't Get Their Money's Worth

-- Dora Explores the Chappaquiddick

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