Thursday, January 12, 2006

You Mean This Isn't Even Necessary?

Delaware Senator Joe Biden told ABC News that it would be best to discontinue any future confirmation hearings given the unwillingness of nominees to answer questions(and in my opinion all of the rabid political attacks and obvious showboating by comittee members). He suggests sending all nominees straight to the full Senate for debate and vote. This is a great idea, except Biden cannot take full credit for it because it happen to be the way it was for the first 136 years of the Republic. The article noted:

That was once standard practice. Until 1925, Supreme Court nominees were not expected to testify before a committee, and their nominations were sent straight to the floor, according to the Senate Historical Office.

So this "dog and pony" show is not even necessary to confirm a Supreme Court Justice? Then why have it all? Why note revert back to old practice which served the nation just fine for nearly a century and a half? At least that way if any Senator wants go out and act like a moron attacking a nominee with baseless accusations he/she will be doing so on the Senate floor where not that many people are watching anyway.

Of course I still think my previous proposal of having sitting Justices question the nominee would garner some excellent insights.

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