Monday, February 13, 2006

Blasphemy as a Human Rights Violation

The Orgainzation of the Islamic Conference is asking the United Nations to include "language against blasphemy" as a part of the guidelines for a new human rights body.

What a great idea! In fact as a Christian I would love it if we could get in on some of that action and include the following phrases as ones we consider blasphemous:

"Oh my God"
"Jesus Christ!"*
"God Almighty"*
"For God's sake"
"Good God"*
"For Christ's sake"
"For the love of God"

*Based on Context

This facist, oppression of speech is pretty fun! It could go a long way towards cleaning up a lot of the sewage that routinely flows from people's mouths.

Obviously I am joking, we all know that Christians will never be included in any such prohibition. In fact they may include any Christian language as something they would consider to be blasphemous.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

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