Thursday, February 09, 2006

Charles Schumer is Not Completely Insane

I caught a snippet of the O-Reilly Factor last night on Fox. Normally, I do not care for Bill O'Reilly, I do not think he is that good and I think he mistakes talking over people in an interview for actual fortitude. Last night he interviews New York Senator Charles Schumer, whom I care very little for, particularly after the Alito hearings. However, Schumer said something I actually (gasp) agreed with in reference to the Cartoon Wars currently being waged by Muslim extremists. He said that in situations where either Jewish or Christian extremist lash out, the moderate wings of those groups immediately condemn and disavow the party in question. One example among Christians is immediate criticism of Pat Robertson pretty much each time he publicly speaks. Schumer pointed out that in the Islamic world the moderate portions of their population do not rein in the violent extremists factions, most likely out of fear since they live in close quarters with them. The result is that the fringe of Islam(which I happen to think is a whole lot bigger than the fringe factions of other two major religions) ends up running the show and the moderates are helpless to stop it. A fairly accurate read on the part of Schumer.

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