Friday, February 17, 2006

Did the Secret Service Cover for a Drunk Cheney?

Over at Wizbang, Kevin Aylward has posted an excellent article debunking the "Cheney was drunk and that's why he did not meet with the sheriff until Sunday morning" myth. Basically it has been postulated by some on the left that Dick Cheney was "three sheets to the wind" when he winged poor Harry Whittington with bird shot. The basis of this theory rests very gingerly on the belated meeting with the deputy sheriff to discuss the accident. According to the timeline, the shooting occured some time around 6:30 PM on Saturday. The sheriff did not meet with Cheney until 8 AM Sunday morning. The popular theory behind this delay is that Cheney was drunk and any meeting with the sheriff's department would have revealed that very embarassing and criminally negligent fact. However, as Aylward points out, the sheriff's report confirms that the decision to delay the meeting until Sunday morning came from the sheriff himself and not the Secret Service or the Vice President. Apparently the sheriff had talked to a person on the scene, a former sheriff, who confirmed that it was indeed an accident. At that point there appeared to be no rush to interview individuals that evening and they could easily wrap the matter up the following morning.

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