Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Finding a Blog...

...I can be happy with.

For the past month or so I have taken an interest in blogging a lot of conservative political stuff and that has worked pretty well. Yet, I find it is also infinitely complex and fast paced. If you want to write heady stuff you have to do a ton of research, link sources, etc. Not to say I have not enjoyed it, I have and it has been a good exercise for my writing and analytical skills. At the end of the day(figuratively not literally) I seem to be rehashing other blogs. So at this point I am going to try my hand at an area I have a great depth of knowledge and that is sports. Debuting today is my third blog: Tar Heel Fan. My first blog called Justified by Faith is also out there and I plan to write on this blog as matters I that pique my interest hit the scene. My level of knowledge and the information I can process in sports, especially North Carolina basketball should make my work on that blog much better than what I am putting out here.

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