Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hollywood Hypocrisy

Talk about beating a dead horse, but I came across an article linked at Drudge from LA Weekly written by Nikki Finke. In the article she laments the fact that many straight Oscar voters may not view the gay cowboy(or is it shephard? sheepboy?) film Brokeback Mountain. Finke decries the hyprocrisy of those in Hollywood who would claim to be socially progressive but then the chips are effectively down, they show there true colors or as she puts it:

For a community that takes pride in progressive values, it’s shameful that Hollywood’s homophobia may be on a par with Pat Robertson’s.

So just so we understand the point. Anyone who refuses to see Brokeback mountain is essentailly a "homophobe" and therefore in the same company as Pat Robertson. First, let me say that I think Pat Robertson is out of touch with reality and grounded theology for that matter so to paint people with the brush that they are just like him strains credulity. Secondly, Ms. Finke needs to understand there for some of us there is the little thing called morality. In my case and for many others I know, think homosexuality is a sin. Yes, we do draw this from the Bible which also informs practically every part of our lives. However, it should be noted that not only do we think homosexaulity is a sin and we do not wish to watch gratuitous homosexual acts on the big screen. We also think leaving your wife and children to pursue a sexual relationship with anyone else whether they be man, woman, or Martian is also immoral. If you had case a man and woman having sex on the range prior to marriage, we would think that was wrong. If you have them part ways and each marry someone else only to engage in weekend flings over the course of the intervening years we would also think that was wrong. We also find excessive and unnecessary violence immoral, though we do allow for violence as it is portrayed in historical events such as Saving Private Ryan. We also think profanity is wrong, especially the ones that employ the name of God and His Son in a meaningless diatribe of cursing.

What is the point? It is that some of us do not watch movies with overtly immoral activities, themes, and characters because it is contrary to our world view nor we enjoy having such things shoved in our face as though it is completely normal. Finke may be right about Hollywood types who do not see a problem with homosexuality but shun the film as being hypocrites. Of course I believe sex inside of marriage is beautiful and as God intended it to be, but it does not mean I want to see a movie where it is graphically portrayed. And if that was not enought Finke also goes out her way to make this a full on Republican/Right Wing/Religious Nutjob issue by saying:

Sure, even without seeing the movie, they could feel guilt-tripped or succumb to a herd mentality to vote for the gay-cowboy movie and strike a blow against Republican wedge politics and religious hatemongering.

So, people who think homosexuality is immoral are engaging in "religious hatemongering?" The only hatemongering I see here is Finke's persistent hatred of people who hold different idealogies on morality and behavior than her own. But I digress.

But don’t be surprised when gossip columns soon start outing category rival and current front-runner Reese Witherspoon as a Ku Klux Klan member or, worse, a Republican donor

The last line was classic liberal garbage as she had the audacity to say that a person who is an active member of the Republican party is worse than the KKK. You know the last time I checked, there is one person among the two major parties who was a card carrying member of the KKK and that is Democratic Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. In fact if Finke wants to get into the racial issue, she should provide numbers as to how many black people are members of the Academy just as an illustration of how progessive Hollywood is on the race issue. She can also tell us why it was not until the last few years we saw a black person win Best Actor awards at the Oscar ceremony. In fact in the Bush Administration, black people have held prominent roles such as Secratary of State(twice), Secratary of Education, and National Security Advisor. It should be noted that they have been flogged as traitors of their race for doing it in a clear illustration of true hatemongering.

As far as I am concerned, Ms. Finke can do us all a favor and kindly go away because besides the various immoral acts listed above, I also find intellectually dishonest, race card playing, profane, hack writers to be a travesty as well.

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