Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Media is Whining

First the media was upset that Vice President Dick Cheney broke the news of his accidentally shooting a hunting partner through the ranch owner and a local newspaper. Second they were upset it took 18 hours for it to hit the national airwaves(I guess they like get their graphics and music in order), now they are upset that Cheney chose to do a one-on-one interview with FoxNews and Brit Hume rather than a press conference or an interview with Barbara Walter or some other network personality. In other words these people will find something to be upset and raise a ruckus about no matter what it is.

Everyone wants to talk about conspiracy? How about trumping up phony outrage and incredible hysterics over information delays or the VP's choice of an interviewer as a means to distract from the substance of the interview which showed a somber and shaken Cheney reliving the accident. How about the media actually reporting on what Cheney said instead of screaming bloody murder because he chose not to release the information in a manner the MSM deemed acceptable. Did anyone cry that Bill Clinton chose to make a 10 minute statement from the White House to admit he had been having a sexual affair instead of having a press conference and fielding questions? Of course not because the MSM thinks Clinton is the best think since FDR or JFK. I have listened to enough press conferences during this Administration to know that the last think Cheney would want to do is stand at a podium and field a bunch of idiotic questions from self absorbed, spotlight seeking reporters like David Gregory or be badgered incessantly by the likes of Helen Thomas who is as much a reporter as I am the Queen of England.

What's more in all of this is that the American public largely have little interest in the story. It was a hunting accident. The man is alive and although he has had complications, it appears he will be able to resume a normal life. Cheney has taken responsibility for the accident and though he did not make any apology for how the information was released, I am not real sure what the predilection the media have for attacking this aspect of the story. This is making news just for the sake of news. You cannot just let a story go away on its own, that would be too easy.

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