Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Political Rally Breaks Out at Funeral

Matt Drudge is reporting that speakers at today's funeral of Coretta Scott King, wife of slained civil rights leader, Martin Luther King used the opportunity afforded them to take shots at the President George Bush as he sat a few feet away. According to the report the Rev. Joseph Lowery made reference to the failure to find WMD's in Iraq in a clear anti-war message. This is not really surprising, but it was surprising(somewhat) when former President Jimmy Carter took two swings at President Bush, first on the issue of the NSA wirtetaps and then on the Katrina disaster. Former Presidents tend to refrain from criticizing their sucessors or that was the case until Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter decided to attack Bush with any opportunity they could find.

Is this really the same idealogical group who agrees with not showing the Mohammed cartoons out of respect for Islam, but in the middle of funeral honoring King's wife they take to political grandstanding? I cannot speak for Corretta Scott King's political views. It is a safe bet she was probably a Democrat and may have even espoused some of these views. However, I do know she did a great deal of good in the world and fought nobley for the vision her husband had for racial equality(a vision every black leader since King has done a poor job of articulating or realizing in any meaningful way). So, based on her accomplishments why would Lowery and Carter cheapen her work in this world by using her funeral as an opportunity to score cheap political points. Also, regardless of what you may think of the man, Bush is still the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and the office alone should be afforded more respect than taking a politcal shot at him where he has no choice but to sit there. I thought Clinton was a repulsive and immoral human being who sullied the office of the Presidency with a sexual affair and lying under oath. However, he was still the President and by no means who I stand up in his presence and refer to those incidents. It was clear Lowery was playing to the crowd and no doubt thought his rhyming was clever as well.

This display showed an utter lack of respect for Bush and illustrated one stark principle the left seems vary familiar with: Why let a funeral get in the way of a good political rally.

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