Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quick Roundup

The Ports Controversy

A friend of mine pointed out how having any foreign country own pieces of American ports whether it be the equipment or not is, in all liklihood, a bad idea. I think the delay in the deal was intended to quiet the storm and at some point in the future the deal will sail through when no one is really looking.

Hilary Clinton

Drudge was reporting on statements Karl Rove and George Bush made about the viability of Hilary Clinton as a general election candidate. They make an excellent point that Clinton has way too many unfavorable qualities and very muddled history to actually win a general election. Her recent moved to the center can be neatly exposed much in the same way they were with John Kerry. Of course, much like the NCAA Tournament, it is very much a matter of what kind of draw you get. If the Republicans screw up and nominate someone equally as bad as Clinton, it could create enough of a fickled nature in the electorate to put her in the White House. And no, Condi Rice is not the answer.

Protesters Want to Storm the White House

United for Peace and Justice is calling on all people, soldiers, CIA agents, and Wal Mart employees to gather at the White House on March 15th so they can attempt to overthrow the U.S. government. I really wish I was kidding about this. They are calling an end to the reign of terror by the Republican dictators. Apparently Bush is guilty of a bevy of international crimes, crimes against humanity, and it is also possible he may have accidentally kicked his dog in the Oval Office. And they are doing this all for Nat Turner, Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King(sorry no white heroes will be considered in this overthrow of the government). Of course the real laugher was the plan to set up a temporary government run by Amnest International and the Human Rights Watch-BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA--Sorry.

You know the last I checked advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government was a federal crime and since it is this little gathering is not protected by the 1st Amendment so I would ask that federal agents to please go and arrest these schmucks. And if an arrest is not possible just scare them, really badly. The other humorous part of this is they accuse Bush of being a dictator and that we need to return democracy to America. Let's see, Bush cannot even turn the operations of six U.S. ports over the a foreign company without Congress and influential citizen everywhere complaning about it to the point they put the thing on hold. Yeah, Bush is wielding some unchecked power there for sure.

And speaking of moonbat protest groups, someone came up with the brillant anti-PETA celebration. It is called: International Eat an Animal for PETA Day and it also occurs on March 15. What a great idea.

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