Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Real Facists

To anyone who claims that the Bush Administration is facist.
To anyone who claims the "religious fundamentalists" are destroying the country.
To anyone who claims conservatives are bigots and narrow minded.
To anyone who claims the Bush Administration is taking away liberties.
To anyone who has claimed that Republicans, Conservatives, and the Right are all Nazis bent on destroying the Constitution, imposing a theocratic state, oppressing dissent, quelling free spech, and converting this country into utterly facist dictatorship similar to George Orwell's 1984.

To all of these people I present the real anti-freedom, "religious fundamentalist" bigoted facists:

We are in a real war against an enemy who seeks to destroy all manner of opposition to their ideals and beliefs. Free expression is unknown to these people, dissent is met with violence, and there is one goal and one goal only: the supremacy of their beliefs over any other both in the way people think and in the way the world map is drawn. If that sounds familiar to anyone, it should, it was the same thing we heard out of Germany in 1939.

This is the war we are fighting and anyone who wants to continue to waste their time accusing their fellow Americans and the current Administration of being facists and fanatics needs to take a step back and see who the real facists are.

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