Wednesday, March 29, 2006

If Love Mexico That Much Go Back There

Now I know immigration is a complicated issue. And I also know that it is argued that a lot of immigrants do jobs some Americans do not want to do and that is fine. That being said there are two things that must be made very clear:

1. If you are in this country illegally you are subject to those laws and steps should be made on your part to attain legal status or else you should be sent back to your country of origin. Justice and mercy should always prevail but the law is also the law.

2. If you are in this country partaking of our freedoms, our vibrant economy, being entertained by our culture, receiving the benefits of our medical care and our technology, and generally speaking enjoying a better life here than you did in Mexico, then I EXPECT YOU TO SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!!!!

This picture was taken in California during the immigration protests:

The protesters placed the Mexican national flag above the United States flag which they raised with upside down. First, of all raising the US flag upside down is a sign of distress and should only be done if that is truly the case.

Secondly, the US flag should NEVER be flown beneath another flag on US soil. It is the symbol of our freedom. Solidiers in battle had risked life and limb to keep the flag lifted up. It was a sign to Francis Scott Key that Fort McHenry had survived the British bombardment. During the 1908 Olympics in London when US athlete Martin Sheridan refused to dip the US flag as he passed the King of Englad saying, "This flag dips for no earthly king"

For immigrants who loved their own country so little or found life in this country so much better that they came here to then raise the national flag of their native country above ours is the ultimate insult and reeks of a bankruptcy of respect so foul I am sickened by the sight of it.

We welcome all who would come and try to partake of the American dream we have built and we pay for through the sweat of a brow and the money in our pocket. We welcome you to come, obey our laws, join us in this grand experiment of freedom.

But don't you dare attempt to subvert our flag and trounce upon the very symbol of the freedoms you are enjoying and in doing so suppose that the Mexican flag should be raised above ours. In fact why don't you get out of our country and go back to Mexico since you love it so much.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Stupidity of the State of North Carolina

Meet Lynn Paddock. She is a Johnston County woman who has been charged with first degree murder in the death of your four year old adopted son. Paddock has been accused of wrapping Sean Paddock up in a blanket so tight that he suffocated. There is also evidence that she routinely beats her other two children with a plastic pipe. And besides the absolute depravity of this worthless piece of human refuse I am stunned by the actions of other individuals involved in the case. Here are some excerpts from the News and Observer:

Paddock's attorney, Michael Reece, said the evidence against his client does not support a murder charge.

"She didn't mean to hurt the child," Reece said. "She took [Sean] in and cared for him when no one else would. She lost a child and now has everyone rushing to judgment and pointing the finger at her."

I really do not know how this guys sleeps at night. Tell me how wrapping a child up in a blanket so tight that he cannot breathe constitutes loving a child? While I understand that she is innocent until proven otherwise, there is very little anyone can tell me short of video tape evidence that will convince me of anything other than the apparent fact that this woman is guilty as sin. That being said, I also think the social workers employed by the state or whatever adoption agency processed this adoption should also be held accountable. The N & O:

Sean's Wake County foster mother warned social workers last January that Paddock inappropriately disciplined the boy, according to reports released after Sean's death. He returned from a pre-adoption visit to the Paddocks' remote farmhouse with bruises on his backside.

Social workers later concluded that he most likely fell off a bunk bed, just as Paddock has assured them.

I have two children, younger than Sean Paddock, who occasionally fall out of their respecitve beds during the night. I have yet to find so much as a red spot on their skin from the impact so pardon me if I am a little skeptical that a four year old falling out of a bed, even a bunk bed would sustain "bruises on his backside" Now, while I cannot be sure, the term "backside" usually refers to the buttocks area, so how exactly did Sean fall out of the bunk bed to sustain injury there? Did he fall out and land in the sitting position? The social workers who are charged with making absolutely sure that a child placement is safe on all accounts should have done more than taken Lynn Paddock's word for it that he fell out of the bunk bed and sustained bruises as a result. Who is certifying these clowns who are so patently incompontent that the place a four year old child into a questionable living arrangement after the child had already suffered bruising during a pre-adoption visit. I am not saying they should end every adoption process where an injury occurs during a visit, but based on the way this was described, I am little unclear on how the state, the social workers, or anyone else involved could have missed the warning signs.

This woman is beneath contempt and whatever she gets she deserves whether it be life in prison or execution by the state. Of course with the absolute incompontence shown by the state in regards to the social workers handling the case we can only assume they will most likely botch her conviction as well.

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